Twist Shank Pear Shaped Aquamarine Ring with Diamond Halo (6mm Aquamarine)


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Our aquamarine ring is a perfect epitome of beauty and style. Prong set in 14K White gold, a pear shaped aquamarine is haloed by dazzling diamonds. The designer ribbon shank is encrusted with dazzling diamonds as well, further adding brilliance to the ring. Perfect for engagement, diamond halo ring is a pleasant gift for birthday, anniversary etc. as well.

  • Gemstone Treatment – Gemstones are often treated in different ways to improve their appearance.
  • Some Gemstone Treatments Usually Done:
  • Heat treatment – Amethyst, tanzanite, tourmaline, citrine, topaz, aquamarine, ruby and sapphire gemstones are heat treated for enhanced clarity and brightness.
  • Oiling – Oil is rubbed onto the surface of emeralds and rubies to reduce the visibility of fractures and improve brilliance.
  • Diffusion – Chemicals are infused into sapphires for accentuating or changing their color.
  • Dyeing – Black onyx gemstones are treated with coloring agents to enhance, intensify or improve uniformity of color.
  • HPHT and Irradiation – Blue diamonds are irradiated to enhance optical properties followed by HPHT to make desired color alterations.
  • Diamonds – All our white diamonds are non treated.

Twist Shank Pear Shaped Aquamarine Ring with Diamond Halo(6mm Aquamarine)

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