Phillip Gavriel 18k Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver Diamonds & Smoky Quartz Ring


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Introduced in 2005, the line of sterling silver, gold and precious stone jewelry has rapidly become an important presentation in jewelry stores across the country.
Literally born into the jewelry world, designer Phillip Gabriel Maroof realized his artistic talent and design sensibility at an early age.
His skills and vision were intensified when he was a student in Florence and studied the great Renaissance masters. From that point on, his emotions and sentimental attachment led him to create jewelry inspired by his travels. Today, jewelry is not only rich in its heritage, but beautiful and wearable by everyone. Every piece tells a story, and comes from the heart.

Why you will love shopping with us:
• 90% Less Expensive It is absurd to a pay huge prices charged at traditional retail stores. With Beauniq, you pay less, because we don’t have massive overheads of traditional brick-and-mortar stores. In addition to a base price of jewelry, traditional retail adds cost of sales staff, store rent and advertising into the price. With us, you will pay for the item you are actually getting, no extra charges.
• American You don’t need to wait the item arrive from somewhere far away. You don’t need to account for time difference when asking questions. We are US-based, what guarantees fast shipping and reliable communication.
• Handpicked We love what we do. Everything you see in our store is carefully selected jewelry that we love ourselves, only from the best factories around the world.
• Incredibly convenient It isn’t just about having prices that work for you. You will not need to think twice when shopping with us. If you don’t like it, enjoy free shipping and 4-week return policy.This ring is designed by Phillip Gavriel New York.

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