O-stone 3A Tourmaline Mala with 108 Prayer Beads Necklace Bracelet 4mm Grounding Stone Protection Very Precious Gemstone



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Tourmaline is a wonderful stone, with a color for each of the main Chakras. Excellent channeling stone for communication with higher forces. Tourmaline helps to break up energy blockages, which we mentally experience as anxiety, stress or confusion.

Tourmaline helps you to move beyond limited thinking, to an expanded sense of reality, and see past experiences in new ways. It teaches us that we are light beings in physical form, and helps us to experience the physical and spiritual worlds as one.

Pink Tourmaline: Brings deep comforting” love “energy. Transforms negative behavior into positive.” love ” spirituality, joy, peace, understanding. Emotional and spiritual” love ” healing emotional loss and emotional pain, fear, instills self-gentleness

Black Tourmaline: Protects against negativity. Powerfully deflects/shields against unwanted or dark energies, (anger, resentment, or jealousy) especially for sensitive people. Encourages intellectual thought, vitality.

Blue Tourmaline: Communication, psychic awareness, peace, balance, eloquence and emotional purification. Wonderful for aligning with higher self for deep insight, vision, intuition.

Green Tourmaline: Creativity, prosperity, abundance, compassion. Represents life energy and life” force ” Enhances cooperation and healing, especially good at relieving chronic exhaustion, attracting abundance, and expressing creativity.

Rubellite (Dark Pink) Tourmaline: Creativity,” love ” devotion. UnIt’s heart and body for” love ” courage, passion, energy, stamina, steadiness. High lithium content brings emotional balance, lovingness, devotion in a down-to-earth way.

Brown Tourmaline is grounding, encourages stability and practicality.

Yellow Tourmaline brings heightened intelligence and spiritual awareness.

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