Exquisite! Women’s 14k White-gold 2 ct Round Brilliant Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring – 8.0mm


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This signature Tiffany style solitaire is hand-set by superior benchman showcasing a gorgeous moissanite certified by Charles&Colvard.

No other gem can compare to the brilliance and scintillation of moissanite. First uncovered in a meteorite and a very rare find on earth, Charles&Colvard patented the proprietary process to fashion this brilliant jewel from silicon carbide, the world’s second-hardest substance. Even more unique are its optical properties. With a dispersion that’s 2.4 times that of diamond, it bends light into mesmerizing rainbow flashes of fire.
With a refractive index of 2.65-2.69, it has 10 percent more brilliance than diamond. Double refraction increases the number of light rays that reflect back to your eye resulting in a dance with light.
Carat for carat, no gem offers more beauty for less of an investment. It allows its owner to have the size and quality while fitting their budgets. Each cut is precisely faceted according to exact angles and proportions designed especially for moissanite to maximize its brilliance, enhance its incredible fire, and reveal its inner beauty. So the man or woman who wears it can shine through.
Charles&Colvard Created Moissanite® is a responsible alternative to mined gems, providing jobs for skilled scientists and gem cutters in the United States without damaging the environment.
Charles&Colvard Created Moissanite® comes with a certificate of authenticity and limited lifetime warranty that it will maintain its brilliance and fire, without ever fading or changing color. Its beauty will last for generations.High Quality Solid Settings

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