Diamond Halo Emerald Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring


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A perfect reminiscence of French royal jewelry, our aquamarine ring is an ideal engagement ring. Prong set in 14K White gold, emerald cut aquamarine is fashioned in a dazzling pave set diamond frame. The diamond-accentuated band further renders a sophisticated beauty.

  • Gemstone Treatment – Gemstones are often treated in different ways to improve their appearance.
  • Some Gemstone Treatments Usually Done:
  • Heat treatment – Amethyst, tanzanite, tourmaline, citrine, topaz, aquamarine, ruby and sapphire gemstones are heat treated for enhanced clarity and brightness.
  • Oiling – Oil is rubbed onto the surface of emeralds and rubies to reduce the visibility of fractures and improve brilliance.
  • Diffusion – Chemicals are infused into sapphires for accentuating or changing their color.
  • Dyeing – Black onyx gemstones are treated with coloring agents to enhance, intensify or improve uniformity of color.
  • HPHT and Irradiation – Blue diamonds are irradiated to enhance optical properties followed by HPHT to make desired color alterations.
  • Diamonds – All our white diamonds are non treated.

Diamond Halo Emerald Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring

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