Alex Woo “African Cats” 14k Yellow Gold Disc Pendant Necklace, 18″



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In celebration of DisneyNature’s “African Cats” film and the 50th anniversary of the African Wildlife Foundation, Alex Woo designed a special pendant which captures the true beauty and essence of African wildlife. The African Cats Small Pendant shows the captivating story of the inseparable connection between a mother and their young, depicted in a detailed and majestic scene set in the African horizon. Like the regal cats that fill the savannas, all mothers know what it’s like to go through life sacrificing themselves in order to ensure the protection of their children. In this hand sculpted 14k yellow gold design, the mother cat gazes into the horizon for looming harm and the baby cub looks up to her mother to shield and protect her from the dangers of the wild. 20% of the proceeds from this pendant will benefit the African Wildlife Foundation whose efforts are in continuatl conservation of the African wildlife and wetlands.This pendant hangs on an 18″ 14k yellow gold chain and will hang approximately 17″ when worn because the chain is looped through the piece

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