3-Stone Diamond Band, 10k Yellow Gold, 12k Rose Gold and 12k Green Gold Black Hills Gold Motif (.15 Cttw, JK Color, SI1 Clarity)


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Legend has it: Good Luck Comes to All Who Wear Black Hills Gold Jewelry

The diamond is a perfect expression; reflecting rarity, brilliance and breathtaking fire of a gem which survived a journey of billions of years. Symbol of devotion, honor and strength, the elegance of a diamond makes it perfect for life’s important occasions. Whether you treat yourself or gift this, it will be a keepsake for generations. This contains no nickel; it’s gentle on sensitive skin. Upon ordering, the jewelers in South Dakota start crafting your ring. From the casting to the hand-placed and hand-engraved leaves, it’s one of the most labor intensive styles of jewelry.

According to legend, French goldsmith, Henri LeBeau got lost in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the 1870s gold rush. He fell asleep thinking he was dying of thirst and starvation. He dreamed he saw a mountain stream with grapevines growing on its banks. He woke and walked over a rise to see the stream and grapevines in his dream. In gratitude, dedicated his life and talents to creating jewelry in the shapes of grape clusters and leaves fashioned in rose, green and yellow gold.

Today, a series of up to 40 different steps are necessary to capture the same dramatic detail in the traditional and contemporary Black Hills Gold designs.

The rising price of gold makes this, quite simply, a great investment all around.

Made in the USA.

FOOTNOTES: Made to Order Especially for You, Hand-Crafted in Approx. 6 Business Days.
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Gorgeous is Always Fashionable… Never Trendy. Thank You for Your Consideration, We Appreciate You.Gleaming Diamond and Grapes Leaves Embellished Ring is Crafted in Polished 10k Yellow Gold

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