14k Yellow Gold Rosary Necklace



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Wrap yourself in pure luxury with this stunning 14k yellow gold rosary necklace. This is a beautiful way to show your faith and devotion. The rosary necklace has a 25 inch neckloop, 14k yellow gold links, 2.75 14kt yellow gold beads, and a 14kt yellow gold center medal. The unique round beads, links, medal, and crucifix were created by an artisan with an attention to balance, quality, and tradition. It is fitting this special necklace is made in gold. Gold is one of the first-born metals to be on display and used by man. The rich color of gold has long been related with divine intelligence, fruitfulness and faithfulness.

The spiritual meaning of gold is significant, it is said spiritual energy and power are activated and awakened by wearing or praying with gold. Gold represents the spiritual treasure gained by transforming the spirit; gold also represents love in the Bible. The Golden Age and gold represent and assist in knowledge of Celestial things, bringing on the essence of lifting your spiritual acumen.

Not only is this rosary of spiritual value, it is an incredible investment, as gold keeps rising in price, your rosary will keep rising in value, which makes this quite simply a good investment all around.

A few Ideas: a perfect gift for First Communion, Anniversary, Engagement, Wedding, Birthday, Prom or a Romantic gift for her or your favorite service man or woman in the military.
This is a lovely and elegant way to express your devotion and faith, praying with this lovely rosary is Divine.

Designed and Made in America. We ship to the Military.Rosary Necklace has a 25.00 Inch Neck Loop and is Crafted in Polished 14k Yellow Gold

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